What can I do for you?

  • Draft and negotiate industry contracts, like writer agreements, talent agreements, work-for-hire agreements, recording agreements, etc.

  • Help you with financing agreements to get sponsorships, loans, investment money, grants and other forms of funding.

  • Review your distribution deals.

  • Keep you updated and advise you on your rights.

  • Give you feedback on your budgets, pitches, plans, tactics and strategies.




What can I do for you?

  • Help you decide whether or not to file a lawsuit.

  • Assess whether your case is best suited for court, mediation or arbitration.

  • Keep you up-to-date and informed of the federal, state and local laws and procedural rules relevant to your case.

  • Work with your goals and budget to come up with an appropriate litigation strategy.



What can I do for you?

  • Draft clear and concise contracts tailored to your specific deal or project.

  • Ensure that your contracts are legal, admissible in court, and free of loopholes.

  • Spot the pros and cons of your contract.

  • Assess how a contract affects the following 5 issues for you: (1) money, (2) risks, (3) controls, (4) standards and (5) end-goals. 

  • Explain the issues and terms so that you understand what you’re agreeing to before signing.

  • Guide you when you believe someone has broken your contract or when you want to get out of a contract.


Business Law

What can I do for you?

  • Help you decide how to structure your business and how it can affect your personal liabilities, tax obligations, set-up fees and ongoing expenses.

  • Assist you with labor issues, workplace policies and employment agreements; whether you are hiring employees or independent contractors.

  • Draft and negotiate contracts to buy, sell, fund or pay for the things you need and do with your business.

  • Get you in compliance with local, state or federal agencies.

  • Defend you in lawsuits, mediations and arbitrations and during government investigations.

  • Negotiate and draft acquisition and purchase agreements.



What can I do for you?

  • Help you take ownership of your idea, artwork, business name or business logo with a flexible and creative strategy for your IP.

  • Counsel you in evaluating your rights.

  • Walk you through the copyright or trademark application process, and help you file the necessary forms.

  • Get you in compliance with timely follow-up filings.

  • Represent you if someone else is using your idea, logo, name or material without your permission.

  • Defend you when you are accused of infringement, theft, appropriation or misuse.



What can I do for you?

  • Focus on the special issues that affect non-profit organizations.

  • Help you choose the right form of entity for your organization, depending on the activities and goals you plan to achieve.

  • Assist you in the start-up process and guide you on the paperwork that needs to be filed to set-up and maintain your non-profit status. 

  • Counsel you on how to manage your non-profit - such as how to form a board of directors, how to appoint officers, and whether you can form an affiliation.

  • Ensure you are in compliance with the federal, state and local government and with your by-laws.

  • Aid you in the education of your directors, personnel, and other stakeholders so you can run your organization diligently.