Yes, you can set up your business online without a lawyer. But there is more to setting up your business then filing with the state.  I can help you choose an entity structure based on your unique business venture, formulate a business plan, draft governing documents, and much more.





Entertainment Law

You live in a world inundated with TV, film, music, fashion, multimedia, publishing, video games, advertising, the Internet, radio, theatre, visual arts, graphic design, and news media.  More importantly, you work or create in the industry and have a dream to succeed in it.  I can help by providing strategic guidance, transactional services and representation in the various related legal fields that include but are not limited to corporate, employment, finance, IP, publicity/privacy and 1st Amendment issues.  

From agreements to script clearances to chain of title and everything in between, I specialize in the fields of recorded music, music publishing, TV, film, video games, commercial theater, book publishing, minors' contracts, personal management and exhibitions.



Contracts are meant to reflect the business deal. And whether the business deal is between partners, employer/employees, buyer/seller, etc., the contract should be clear and concise.  I can review and negotiate your contracts and draft new contracts for your business through a 5-pronged approach that takes into account the things that matter to you: money, risks, controls, standards and end-goals. 




Business Law

Fulfilling your vision requires your time, money and effort. Still, you must comply with a myriad of laws and regulations every step of the way. As you deal with government agencies, contractors, brokers, vendors, customers, employees and more, I can help your business grow strategically and handle a variety of legal issues and concerns to make your vision a sustainable reality.


Intellectual Property

Almost every organization or individual has an intellectual property portfolio of some kind. And with that, you need a flexible and creative strategy for your IP.  I can help you understand, protect and evaluate your IP rights and avoid infringing the rights of others.





You want to make the world a better place and I share your passion.  To accomplish your mission you need a strategy for your organization and guidance in the the issues of nonprofit law and nonprofit compliance.  I can help you obtain and maintain nonprofit corporate  and tax-exempt status, create and dissolve nonprofit organizations and all the other myriad matters that come up with 501(c)(3) organizations.